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Growth Marketing Intern (Paid), Zette

By She Runs It

Growth Marketing Intern (Paid)

Company: Zette
Location: United States

About Us

Zette is an early-stage consumer media tech startup on a mission to democratize access to high-quality online content. 

  • The problem: Fake news is free, but real news is not. In 2020, media outlets are forced to churn out clickbait headlines, surviving off razor-thin online ad margins—or to gate their content behind paywalls, effectively turning the internet into a walled garden.
  • The solution: Product innovation in the media technology industry has been anemic for a very long time. To access information, you have to subscribe to dozens of publishers at once—even if you don’t regularly read most of them. Until now. Our product solves this problem by providing one paid account to access all the news you’d want to read.
  • Our mission is to democratize information by making high-quality online content accessible to everyone. We believe that better access starts with 1) bringing down paywalls for individual articles, 2) giving readers access to a wide variety of vetted journalistic sources, and 3) compensating publishers fairly in the process.

About the Role

We’re a small team of technologists passionate about building a better experience for content consumption—and we’re looking for a Growth Marketer who shares our ideals to join us for real-life experience.

  • You will work closely with the CEO, CMO, and marketing team. You will work both independently and collaboratively to set customer acquisition goals and develop actionable plans for aggressive customer acquisition.
  • You will help drive our marketing engine. You will be in charge of ideating creative growth initiatives and methods — executing these plans to drive traction for Zette.
  • You will run growth experiments and create unique splashes for Zette. What growth strategies work best for Zette? What unique channels should Zette pursue? How can Zette create the most noise?
  • You will conduct qualitative and quantitative research and leverage your learnings to craft compelling growth initiatives. By staying sharp on Zette’s user and competitive landscape, you will be the resident expert on Zette’s growth plans, both pre-launch and post-launch.

The role is a part-time paid position, designed for undergraduates while in school.

About You

You’re a fast learner and quick thinker who can operate both in the weeds and 10,000 feet into the sky. You have bold, inventive ideas, know how to break down broad ideas into concrete actionables, and aren’t afraid to make necessary decisions along the way. Most importantly, you’re as excited about the future of consumer media as we are.

  • You’re passionate about the future of media and news. You’re interested in sharing Zette’s mission and growing awareness.
  • You’re a creative digital native who isn’t afraid to experiment and boldly pave the way. As an early-stage startup, there is no “wrong path.” You should be comfortable ideating trendy (and occasionally crazy!) ideas and as a natural leader, you should be excited to lead projects from end-to-end.
  • You have knowledge of growth marketing strategies. SEO, SEM, KPI and ROI actually mean something to you.  
  • You’re able to operate at the 10 feet level and at the 10,000 feet level. You not only have inventive ideas, but you know how to break down broad ideas into concrete actionables.
  • You’re extremely logical and a natural decision maker. You’re able to swiftly think through all possibilities to reach outcomes and aren’t afraid to make necessary decisions.
  • You have a knack for prioritizing and are quick to adjust whenever necessary. In your day-to-day life, you’re always thinking about where your priorities lie and how to maximize your time.
  • You’re a people magnet. You consider empathy to be one of your strengths and you really do get along with all sorts of people!

While this role is open to all, it is most suitable for undergrads.


Your day-to-day may entail…

  • Working with our team to create and execute marketing growth initiatives 
  • Strategizing and prioritizing initiatives, both short-term and long-term
  • Conducting competitive analysis to bring in relevant trends and ideas
  • Support CMO and CEO with administrative tasks related to marketing and social media


We like to treat our employees well.

  • As a core decision-maker, you will have ownership over your projects and the opportunity to see meaningful, quantifiable change.
  • The opportunity to see a startup scale from pre-seed upwards.
  • The ability to shape the early team culture around values that matter to you.
  • Awesome coworkers and fun social events (i.e. company offsites, virtual game nights).
  • For anything else—just ask and we’ll see what we can do 
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