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Studio Designer, SYPartners

By She Runs It

Studio Designer

Company: SYPartners
Location: New York

The role: 

High-quality production design is essential for SYPartners’ work. Senior production designers play a critical role on client teams, helping the team anticipate and imagine the best ways to execute the work—mindful of time, cost, and quality—and are responsible for the execution of the deliverables.

The work you will do:

  • Creative-problem solving: The instinctual ability to hunt for new solutions, methods, and materials—balancing broad solutions with time and finance constraints—and the capacity to educate on findings and best practices. 
  • Execute vision & planning: Having a solid, informed, and contextual point of view on how to bring creative and strategic plans to life. Devising schedules, deadlines, assignments, and contingency plans to obtain the best possible outcomes while working on the project, staffing, and budget parameters. 
  • Clearly communicate expectations with teams and partners. 
  • Show up with conviction in front of teammates. 
  • Quality: Having the detailed understanding and technical expertise to assure quality through every stage of a project. 
  • Complete ownership over the delivery of high-quality work (e.g.spell-check, construction check, asset optimization, consistency, and final output). 
  • High attention to detail in all deliverables. 
  • Establish and maintain high levels of trust with team and partners. 
  • Clearly communicate expectations with teams and partners, as well as other production designers who may be assisting in busy moments.
  • Show up with conviction, speed, technical prowess, imagination, and consistency.

Desired experience and skills:

  • Bachelors or Associates degree in Design or work experience in a studio environment
  • A great portfolio that explains your role in the work
  • Knowledge of different types of printing methods, inks, papers, bindery—and how to prepare files for best results
  • An eye for detail
  • Proficiency in:
    – Adobe Creative Suite, especially Indesign and Photoshop;
    – Typography and graphic design
    – Google Slides, Keynote, or Powerpoint
  • Live within commuting distance of our NY office


  • Optional: Mastery in some other creative area, such as product design and prototyping (Figma, Sketch, XD), website design, photography, audio editing, videography, lighting, 3D design, illustration, writing/content creation, laser cutting, book binding, interior design, exhibition design + production

About SYPartners 

SYPartners helps human beings, organizations, and societies build the capability to become fuller and more vibrant versions of themselves—so they can constantly transform and have a positive impact in the world.

Using the tools of strategy and design, we partner with executives to transform their businesses, and work alongside leaders tackling the toughest societal issues of our time—education, diversity, health care, gender equality, among others. In addition to our consulting practice, we develop products and tools that help individuals and teams unlock their full potential. We are based in San Francisco and New York, and are a founding member of kyu, a collective of best-in-class creative firms.

SYPartners is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


SYPartners Commitment to Diversity

At SYPartners, we are committed to the work of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our own organization and for the leaders and clients we partner with. Our vision of the future—one in which organizations are designed to create conditions for human flourishing—demands that we continually work to become a more diverse and inclusive organization ourselves.

We are committed to working with and designing for people of every race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, physical ability or attribute, religion, national origin, or political belief. We recognize this commitment requires continual learning, reflection, and imagination.

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