July Member of the Month - Larissa Gerlach, Owner/Founder & Executive Recruiter, The Vibrant Talent Group - She Runs It

July Member of the Month – Larissa Gerlach, Owner/Founder & Executive Recruiter, The Vibrant Talent Group

By She Runs It




Where do you reside?

I live in the SF Bay Area currently, originally from New York! 


What part of the industry do you work in? 

Recruiting specifically for marketing, advertising, media and design positions


Which member benefit are you looking forward to the most? 

I love the Networking Circles and in-person events. Anytime I can connect with fellow members 1on1 I find to be the most beneficial. I also love the mentor program, I just started my 3rd mentor season. I’ve always had a passion for paying it forward and supporting women’s careers – SRI mentor program allows me to do just that! 


Which of these interests matches you best? Networking, mentoring, entrepreneurship, coffee chats, technology, career changes, volunteering, career advice

Truthfully, ALL of them! I am a professional networker, love mentoring (as mentioned above), am an entrepreneur myself and would love to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, I’d welcome a coffee chat with any SRI member, and certainly any support I can give around career changes or advice – I’m your girl! While I have started to volunteer with SRI in hosting our most recent SF-based She Meets event, I’d love future volunteering opportunities! 
Who do you think is someone to watch in the industry? 
I am really excited to watch all the new agencies popping up. Some of the women in particular that I’m watching are Courtney Berry, Kendra Schaaf, Janina Volpe, Lisa Clunie, Jaime Robinson, Jolene Delisle, Christina DeGuardi and so many more amazing women changing the vector of the industry! 


What is something you are currently working on professionally that excites you? 

I started The Vibrant Talent Group at the beginning of this year, I’m working on building the business and supporting the industry. I’m so excited to be connecting with amazing people in the industry every single day and building the boutique recruiting firm of my dreams! 


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