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The Storm Before the Calm? Not This time.

By Lynn Branigan

Me too.

The words are plastered across social channels and headlines. For sale on T-shirts and coffee cups. If we are forced to find a silver lining in this moment of outrage and disgust, it is the galvanization of women. Hell knows no fury …


Episodes of outrage have become sadly routine. A presidential candidate degrades women in “locker room talk.” A once-beloved comedian is accused of sexual abuse by dozens of women. A television network removes not one, but two high ranking executives in the wake of sexual harassment accusations.

We revolt, we march, and then we move on. But maybe not this time. Maybe this time we are not going to simmer down.

I’m sensing a crescendo. A pivotal discontent. Is Harvey Weinstein our watershed moment? According to the US Department of Labor there are 74.6 million women in the workforce across our country. Too many “me too’s” to count.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there is anything remotely favorable or forgivable in the behavior of Harvey Weinstein and others who have dealt similar blows to human decency and equity. I’m simply saying let’s not get over it. Not this time.

There are too many powerful women and amazing men and we need to keep our voices raised, our pens poised, our arms locked and our eyes open. We need to continue to shed light into dark corners. We need to lift up the brave women (and men) who share their stories – not tear them down.

I dream of a day when Harvey Weinstein episodes are obsolete. Or so rare that our daughters plaster across their social platforms the words:

Not me.