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Know Your Spirit Animal

By She Runs It

by the She Runs It Leadership Development Committee

Among the many words of wisdom shared by Michelle Harmon-Madsen at the recent C-Suite meet was the challenge for all attendees to get in touch with their spirit animal and to understand how that animal represents them in work and in life.

The C-Suite meets provide an intimate setting for She Runs It members to get up close and personal with a C-Suite executive, in this case the SVP of Brand Partnerships at FreshDirect. The morning session was hosted at Time Inc. and attendees enjoyed breakfast sponsored by Chobani while getting inspired by Michelle.

Among Michelle’s most compelling tips were these:

  • Create something to acknowledge positive feedback, such as a wink of approval. How do you ensure you’re communicating a job well done and creating encouragement for those around you to be brave? It is important to do something that is unique to you
  • Re-frame your experience by telling your narrative and making previous job experiences more marketable and relevant
  • Surround yourself with a great team and have a “partner in crime” in your network / job who will bring you into the room / conversation – and do the same for them!
  • Trust your gut and know that not every opportunity is the right opportunity
  • Create 7 stories: Start with putting pen to paper on the top 25 things you’re most proud of in your life. The first 10 are pretty easy, but press yourself to get to 25. Then pick your top 7 favorite and analyze them. These top 7 items are areas where you excel and, because most people love doing things they are good at, determine what that is to help guide you


Michelle drew from her own career path and the various roles she has held across multiple industries. Her advice to job seekers is to take a step back and look more closely at the job responsibilities that they already enjoy. Identifying these high points and preferences will provide a useful guide when exploring and considering new opportunities.

The audience left the session feeling extremely inspired and ready to put Michelle’s pieces of advice into practice. Michelle ended with a wink and donated a few surprise bags of groceries to a couple of lucky She Runs It members in the audience.

A very good morning indeed.