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Listen and Learn: Careers in Podcast Event Recap

By She Runs It

Listen and Learn: Careers In Podcasts Event Downloads Attendees on Industry Tips and Tricks  

By Carly Lebel

Finding your start in any industry remains one of the hardest aspects of a job. For the podcast industry, it’s no different. But at the Careers in Podcasts event on Tuesday, March 13th, She Runs It attendees were treated to tips, tricks, and tools on how to set up the mic and hit record (at home or on the road). 

Held at Pandora HQ in NYC and moderated by Priscilla Valls, VP, Agency, Advertiser, and Industry Development at Pandora, Careers in Podcasts welcomed the following women at the top of the industry to share their secrets to success in an open panel discussion.  

Linda Fitzsimmons, President of Client Leadership, Zenith

Ellen Horne, Executive Producer, Original Content, Audible

Nazanin Rafsanjani, Creative Director, Gimlet

Bethany Watson, Former co-host, Z100 Morning Show


Kicking the discussion off about each of the panelists start in the industry, Valls brilliantly guided the conversation from where podcasts started, to where they are going in the future. See below for three key messages from the panel:

Find Your Niche

According to Podcast Insights, roughly 500,000 podcasts exist on Apple Podcasts alone and about 80% of those people listen to an average of seven shows per week. In the simplest of terms: it’s time to get creative. As Horne puts it, “Find what makes you unique and build on that. Don’t force the topic- make it organic.” Find a space that you enjoy discussing and others will likely follow (literally).

Audience + Advertising = Awareness

“Podcasts have a relationship between the host and [the] listener. [The hosts] participate in the ads; bringing the brand message into the universe,” says Rafsanjani. As a podcast host, you have a choice in the ads that play on your show because it is your show. Understand your audience: their lifestyle, habits, and desires. In doing so, you’ll be able to pick and choose the ads that work for you and for them. “It’s a wonderful time to bring awareness to smaller brands. If you’re a niche podcast, partner with a brand that’s niche too. It’s a win-win,” says Watson.  

Measure Up

Though extremely popular, podcasts are still new to the data scene. While people download podcasts, analytics don’t show if they’ve actually listened to it… yet. “At this point, you almost have to advertise your podcasts on podcasts,” says Fitzsimmons. While data powerhouse Neilson is still grappling with how to measure branded engagements, agencies and brands continue to advertise on large and small podcasts alike.


Whether you’re looking to create, advertise on, or launch a podcast, it’s important to remember that every listener has a story of their own. Preserve their listening experience and watch your show skyrocket to the top of the download charts.