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Outstanding Companies For Working Moms

By Lynn Branigan

On Monday, February 26th, we honored 24 women in marketing and media as Working Mothers of the Year. We also recognized five companies as outstanding employers for working moms for the very first time. The reason we decided to expand our award to include companies this year can be summed up in a quote I found from Melinda Gates, which reads: “We’re sending our daughters into a workplace designed for our Dads”.

She’s right. And that’s wrong.

As an industry, we have to embrace more innovative practices and policies that empower remarkable women to realize the full potential of all aspects of their lives: work, play, kids, life. We were delighted to spotlight five companies working to do just that:

These companies were selected because they excelled against four key criteria:

  • The percentage of the female employee population that has achieved a leadership role, meaning VP level and above.
  • The percentage of women in client-facing roles – a key factor on the path towards leadership.
  • Paid time off for new moms/parents. This includes maternity leave as well as flexible transition benefits for new mothers who are returning to their jobs after welcoming a new baby or child.
  • Benefits and perks. Motherhood is in itself a full-time job and the most progressive companies help parents achieve as much work/life balance as possible. This can range from offering flexible work schedules to subsidizing day care to providing Milk Stork services when nursing moms travel for work.


In the coming weeks, we intend to explore with our winning companies the journeys they have taken to make leadership more obtainable for working moms. We will share their insights in future newsletters so that others can learn from their best practices.