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Saluting The Game Changers

By Lynn Branigan

This month we will celebrate and prosper from the examples of several remarkable women who have created positive change…in their workplace, their workforce, their families, their communities. The achievements of our Gamer Changer honorees are as vast as they are inspirational. They have elevated brands, developed new technology, altered the trajectory of their companies, leveraged data in unexpected ways, identified new consumer groups, produced fresh forms of entertainment and many, MANY other accomplishments.

They have performed nothing short of magic in mastering new approaches and solutions while balancing the relentless demands of travel, family, direct reports, immediate supervisors, revenue goals, business growth expectations and personal well-being. No small task.

She Runs It is also – for the first time in our history – recognizing some brave and determined women who have literally changed the world. Individuals who have fearlessly used the power of their words and actions to give voice and strength to others. Our roster of game changers in 2018 includes New York Times reporters Susan Chira and Catrin Einhorn, whose brave coverage shed much-needed light on gender bias and harassment at two of Ford Motor Company’s plants in Chicago. Their efforts inspired a new award – the Fearless Voices Award – which will become an enduring component of Changing the Game.

But changing the game is not always measured in such huge strides. There are game changers who perform everyday magic and feats of progress. There is a game changing spirit in every woman. Every person.

You might be someone who keeps a department (or colleague) on time or on task. You might point out in a meeting or a memo that someone else’s idea has merit and is worth exploring. You might miss a meeting to attend a soccer game (or miss a soccer game to attend a meeting). You might conceive a daring approach that fails, but delivers essential insights and learning. You might simply get up every day and decide to bring your best energy to whatever the day presents, inspiring countless daughters and sons and colleagues and friends to match your determination and commitment.

I am in awe of the women who will receive the Changing the Game Awards on April 18 in New York. And I applaud the Fearless Voices reporters who have given voice to so many others. And I also salute the everyday game changers who trigger positive change in their workforce, their family and their community every day.