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Thought Leadership

Great Minds Do NOT Think Alike

By Lynn Branigan

It’s not every day that I quote a comic strip creator, but Scott Adam’s (Dilbert) words inspire this month’s message:

Great Minds don’t think alike. If they did, the Patent Office would only have about 50 inventions. 

Think for a moment about how that message applies to Marketing and Media. If great minds didn’t think differently, all content, advertising and messaging, would sound and look alike. There would be no marketplace differentiation, and as a result, no competitive advantage for any brand.

Companies and agencies compete for talent that can empower them to stand out in a loud & crowded landscape, and to reach a global population that is increasingly complex, rich and vibrant. So, it makes exactly NO SENSE that our industry remains largely Caucasian, and – especially at leadership levels – predominantly male.

It is a problem that has been long admired. Until now.

In 2018, 17 bold and determined companies raised their hands to participate in the Inclusion and Diversity Accountability Consortium (IDAC, #inclusivebrands); the industry’s first, data-based index designed to measure the state of inclusion and diversity in our industry’s workforce and workplace. Invaluable insights and success stories have emerged from the first year of IDAC, and these will be revealed and discussed during Advertising Week in NYC next month.

Specifically, a panel of IDAC participants and allies will take the stage at 5:00PM on Tuesday, October 2 on the Univision Stage at AMC Theatres, to share their experiences, challenges and victories. The session concludes a day-long track on empowerment that has been curated by Advertising Week NY (curiously AWNY – which was She Runs It’s original name).

We salute and thank Advertising Week for bringing this and other crucial conversations to the stage – assembling great minds that often disagree and create energy as a result. It is our intention to turn this talk into an industry-wide walk. Please join us.