2020 Mastering Leadership Event Recap - She Runs It
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2020 Mastering Leadership Event Recap

By AlysonCarney

Event Recap and Highlights by Natasa Kuljak

She Runs It members and guests gathered to talk about purposeful networking. Jenn Willey, Founder and CEO of Wet Cement, led the interactive workshop and provided advice and tasks that everyone should work on to improve their networking skills. The workshop was kicked off with some preliminary questions such as:

–          How do you feel about networking?

–          What is the toughest part of networking?

–          Where do you spend the most of your time networking?

Most attendees agreed that networking doesn’t come naturally and takes effort. Therefore, the first step is showing up and be willing to get out of your comfort zone, as networking is a learned skill. You must start with your mindset.

Willey introduced the networking concept: Give In Order To Get. It’s giving the most thoughtful and personal gift to others and eventually receiving the same type of a gift in return.

Another important fact about networking is that you need to have a strong network and allies so that even when you’re not physically present when an opportunity comes up, you can still considered for that opportunity. In that case, there are two types of networks needed: one is a network that is diverse and general which can include friends of friends, and the second consists of a more intimate group of professionals that you trust and respect.

There are various environments in which you can network including the following:

  1. Online Networking – support others before asking for a favor by providing value first.

For example, referrals, making an introduction, writing someone a recommendation on LinkedIn, doing a shout out. One of the ways you can do this is to create a Tickler File – list people who have impacted you in some way and send them an article that you read which you think is helpful to them. It’s important to regularly share content (articles, videos, news) to build your professional brand with key contacts.

  1. Connect Women – introduce two sets of women per day via LinkedIn. Identify the gifts that each one brings.
  2. Create Content – build your brand through leadership, what are you passionate about….think what would be your first video or article, and share that content.
  3. Industry Events – it is important that you show confidence in real life. Two of the ways to “build” confidence is to have a personal theme song that pumps you up and the other is to visualize success. It is very important to have confidence so that body language and tone of your voice show it as those cues are oftentimes more important and memorable than what is actually said.


Lastly, every needs to have an elevator pitch. Our attention span is seven seconds, so in order to get someone’s attention you should have quick pitch prepared.

Happy Networking!