General FAQs - She Runs It

General FAQs

Membership Options & Costs


There are five options for She Runs It Membership. Options include:


  • eMember – Membership for anyone that works beyond 50 miles of a She Runs It hub in the US, or anyone in Canada. Membership dues are $125 annually.
  • Young Executive (YE) – Membership for US residents under the age of 30 that work within 50 miles of a She Runs It hub. Membership dues are $125 annually. When a YE turns 30, their dues will increase to resident member dues.
  • Resident – Membership for US residents 30 years old and above that work within 50 miles of a She Runs It hub. Membership dues are currently $200.
  • International – Membership for anyone outside the US or Canada. Membership dues are currently $100.
  • Executive Class – Membership for professionals who have already achieved executive management roles, as well as those that are on a clear and/or accelerated path towards executive management. Special events are curated for executive class members, as well as special opportunities.  Membership dues are currently $2500.


*All members are encouraged to keep their membership current, and not to let their membership lapse.

Why should I join the organization?


Joining She Runs It is a great way to expand your network, and to develop your leadership & career skills. When you join She Runs It, you are joining a welcoming community of professionals who all have the common goal – to lead at every level in marketing and media.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to participate in our mentoring program
  • Discounted member pricing to events
  • Access to participate in one of She Runs It’s leadership committees
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Education Loan Grant
  • Access to our member directory of over 6,000 professionals
  • Complete access to our job bank to search and post open positions

Why did She Runs It change it’s name from AWNY?


This is a pivotal moment in time for women. The world has changed. The industry has changed. And so have we. AWNY is more than advertising and more than New York. There is data that proves women-led companies are extremely profitable, socially responsible and innovative, yet women remain vastly under-represented in the most senior roles across our industry. The time to change is now. The new brand identity is designed to reflect the current and future state of women (and men) in marketing and media.

Does She Runs It go by any other abbreviated name?


No, although many people will sometimes reference the organization as “AWNY”, we have rebranded to She Runs It. We discourage references as AWNY or the abbreviated SRI, as there is another company by this name.

Is She Runs It a non-profit?


Yes, our membership organization is a 501 c-6. All events and fundraising activities are a part of The She Runs It Foundation, which is a 501 c-3. This recognizes the educational value of the programs we offer. It also acknowledges the fact that a portion of the proceeds we raise from events and fundraising are used for charitable purposes.

Are you still focused on the advertising industry?


Yes, and all that the industry has become. This includes marketers, agencies, media companies and tech firms who serve our industry

What are the primary goals for She Runs It?


  • Pave the way for more women to lead at every level of marketing and media
  • Propel more women to the head of the table; enabling women to realize their full potential as leaders.
  • Shift the perception of women leaders from exclusive to inclusive.
  • Highlight the impact women as leaders have on motivation, innovation, social responsibility, crisis
    management, corporate sustainability and growth.
  • Document and spotlight women-led companies – their financial success and business

Is She Runs It only based in New York?


She Runs It was founded in New York, but we have since expanded into the Chicago market. Over the pandemic, we have expanded to cover the entire U.S. and Canadian Market.  Additionally, we have international members in 12 countries.

Can men join She Runs It?


We have several male members and their perspective is invaluable. We want more. Our male members help shape what works and what doesn’t; the gender difference is a key characteristic in leadership development. Men are vital to our industry and vital to our mission. She Runs It provides a platform to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both genders in corporate growth and sustainability. Men as leaders have a long history of documented success and failure; it is time to follow a vision where women lead these outcomes as well.

Are you competing with 3%, Girls Lounge, Makers? Does the industry really need so many initiatives and organizations focused on women?


There is room for all of us; there is room for more of us. We look forward to the day when we become obsolete because that will be the day when an equal number of women and men are running this industry. She Runs It emphasizes what women do today: run departments, companies, communities and countries. She runs her life!

What are the committees of She Runs it, and how can I join or participate at meetings?


She Runs it Committees are listed below, you can sign up for a committee by logging into your membership dashboard on the she runs it website, and selecting your committee of choice.


Committees meet once per month, there may be some special requirements to join some of the committees. Once you sign up, you will receive an invitation to the next committee meeting, or a follow up email.


  • Leadership Development Committee
  • Executive Achievement Committee
  • Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee
  • Young Executive Committee
  • Mentoring Program Committee
  • Executive Class Member Committee

When does the mentoring program begin, and how long is the program?


There are two nine-month mentoring programs, the first beginning in April and the second program beginning in September. Applications open at least 2 months prior to the program start date. You can apply for the program through your member dashboard; in addition She Runs It will send out email communications when the program opens.

Can non-members apply for She Runs It awards?


Yes non-members can submit for our awards, however education loan grant is only open to current members of the organization.