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Financial Fearlessness Panel Conversation “Facing Facts” workshop with Women and Wealth Solutions – March 11, 2021

The multiple crises of 2020 forced most people to reevaluate their finances: how they spend, save, invest, and earn. The new rules of pandemic life also allowed people to think differently about where they live and work, and how they allocate time and money. Some weathered 2020 as a full-time employee, others as gig workers, others perpetually seeking the next opportunity. As 2021 dawned, it demanded a “leveling up” for most people in marketing, media, and tech. This conversation explored economic strategies that still apply today.

Sally Holmes, Editor In Chief, Marie Claire, Hearst
Kara Stevens, Founder and Content Creator, The Frugal Feminista
Alexandria Streid, Chief Product Officer, Ellevest
Carrie Seifer, General Manager, GWI