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2023 C- Suite Meet with Alycia Mason, U.S. Chief Customer Experience Officer, McDonald’s, Jan 19th 2023

Alycia Mason is U.S. Chief Customer Experience Officer for McDonald’s and is cited as the reason why McDonald’s can now thank some of its customers by name. A key force behind MyMcDonalds Rewards, Alycia is famous for delivering elevated, memorable, and seamless in-store experiences. She’s also celebrated in her hometown for opening Candycopia, a retail store that sells an array of favorite and small batch treats in Oak Park, Illinois. How does this C-suite exec balance her passions so brilliantly? She’s going to share her playbook with the She Runs It community in a hybrid C-Suite Meet on January 19th. Join us to hear about her strategies (which include exceptionally early wake-up calls), successes and stumbles.