April Member of the Month, Sabrina Phillips, Account Executive - She Runs It

April Member of the Month, Sabrina Phillips, Account Executive

By She Runs It

Hometown? I was born in San Francisco, but grew up in Saugatuck, Michigan

Current job title and company? Account Executive at Rolling Stone

Describe your career journey. Driven by determination. I moved to Chicago to live with my sister who worked at an ad agency (OMD) at the time. I had zero experience, but I was determined to break into the industry. I spent over a year networking and meeting with anyone I could, to pick their brain. Finally, after countless coffees, applications, and interviews I landed my first media job at Us Weekly. I absolutely loved working there and stayed on board for almost two years. After that I made the move to Teads, which gave me an incredible macro view of the industry (programmatic, SSPs, etc.). After spending three years there, I boomeranged back to the publisher side to work at Rolling Stone. Music is my lifeline, and I love working for a brand that I am so passionate about. What my career journey has taught me is that there are tons of resources out there – if you want something, go after it. Some of the best advice I’ve gotten was from an early mentor, “Don’t be your first ‘no’.”

Which three words would you use to describe your personality? Curious, Determined, Passionate

Name a woman who inspires you and why. My Mom, Bonnie. Not only did she lead by example while raising three daughters (one is a fellow SRI member in SF), but she has always been an advocate for positive body image, kindness, and self love. I am so grateful for the way that I was raised, and I hope to be the same role model to my children some day.

What committees/programs are you involved in with She Runs It? I am part of the mentoring program which has been so helpful in my career. I’ve had the privilege of being paired with some incredibly strong mentors both male and female. I am also a co-chair on the Young Executives committee, something I have loved. This committee has allowed me to bring some of my crazy ideas to life, and I love the support and sense of community that I get from this strong group of women.

What advice would you give to fellow new members in making the most of their membership?Make it a priority. If you aren’t intentional about this, it will not happen. I have a job in sales. I can ALWAYS be doing more for my job. However, when I started to be really intentional about my commitment to She Runs It  (blocking my calendar, not bending on event commitments, etc) I truly began to see the benefits. I started networking more – meeting clients, friends, and other incredible women. I was able to cultivate a safe space to talk to these women and work through issues we are all facing, which gave me new perspectives and ways of looking at things. I thought being committed to something outside of work would take away from my productivity, when in reality it has benefited me in ways I could have never imagined.

What does the words “She Runs It” mean to you? The opposition to the Impostor Syndrome that many of us struggle with. Every time I think I don’t belong in a conversation, in a room, or at a table, I think about all the strong women in this organization who are cheering me on, and I take my seat.