August Member of the Month, Courtney Cunningham, Digital & Content Sales, WarnerMedia - She Runs It

August Member of the Month, Courtney Cunningham, Digital & Content Sales, WarnerMedia

By She Runs It

How long have you been a She Runs It Member? 

4 years

Which three words would you use to describe yourself?  

Determined. Loyal. Grateful.

How has She Runs It impacted your career?  

She Runs It has tremendously impacted my career. I’ve made amazing connections with many passionate, smart women since joining thanks to the various event and committee opportunities that I’ve taken advantage of through the organization. I’ve also received actionable advice from She Runs It mentors and peers that have made me a better professional, helped me to navigate challenges and even propelled my career forward.

Which She Runs It event(s) would you recommend to someone unfamiliar with the organization and why?

There are so many! It’s easy to jump in and find something interesting to you. The C-Suite breakfasts are always inspiring to attend, getting the chance to listen to top industry folks share their career path story and discuss relevant business topics – always a lot of people in attendance too so great chance to network. Speaking of networking…Nights of networking are also fantastic, a great way to meet new faces and talk to different She Runs It committee members who are always sure to attend and answer any questions you might have about the org/joining – and who doesn’t love happy hour? Grab a friend or colleague, and pick an event to attend together – you can always see if your company will sponsor your ticket too.

What is a recent career success that you are proud of? 

Most recently seeing an Adult Swim & Doritos partnership come to life in a new way this past month at San Diego Comic-Con. Guests at Adult Swim SDCC were invited to show off their inspired cosplay creations and best Adult Swim themed looks at a costume contest for a chance to win the Adult Swim Cosplay Cup, presented by Doritos. It was a fun, quirky idea to sell and successful thanks to the teamwork and collaboration with fellow colleagues on my team at WarnerMedia as well as our client partners. And fun for all the fans of course.

Name a woman who inspires you and why?  

My mom. Hands down the number one woman who has inspired me and shaped who I am today, personally and professionally. Her dedication, enthusiasm, kindness, and thoughtfulness in all that she does inspires the way I work and in general carry myself today. She never stops giving her time to others or finding opportunities to learn. Forever grateful for her and the example she sets every single day.
And after my mom, the US Women’s National Soccer Team. GO USA. #4stars. Talk about determined, loyal, and grateful…they are determined to win, they are loyal to the game and each other, and they are grateful for each other + those who’ve helped them get to where they are today. But it doesn’t stop there. These women are not just committed to being successful in their own right. They are committed, like She Runs It, to investment in women’s achievement. They are committed to the next generation, and those to come. Equal play, equal pay!