August Member of the Month, Shawntina Phillips, Product Marketing Manager, Google - She Runs It

August Member of the Month, Shawntina Phillips, Product Marketing Manager, Google

By She Runs It

Hometown & Current City: I was born in San Francisco but grew up in the small town of Saugatuck, MI. I now live in San Francisco. 

Current job title and company? Product Marketing Manager at Google

Briefly describe your career journey. I went to school for environmental journalism but graduated just as some people would say journalism was “dying”. Instead, I found myself at an advertising agency in Chicago. I spent about five years on the agency side before accepting a role on the Consumer Marketing team at Facebook where I spent nearly three years. In 2019 I joined Google’s Media Lab team where I have worked on marketing plans for Nest, Fitbit, Google Fi and YouTube. 

Which three words would you use to describe your personality? Creative, funny, strong. 

Name a woman who inspires you and why. My two sisters, Sabrina and Katrina, are my inspiration. They are both so driven in the pursuit of their goals, both personal and professional, while also maintaining their own sense of self. They both are on an on-going journey of education and growth that I greatly admire and attempt to replicate. My favorite thing to do with them has always been to sit around the dinner table and laugh. 

What committees/programs are you involved in with She Runs It? I am a SRI West Coast co-chair and have been planning our Night of Networking Unplugged event 

What advice would you give to fellow new members in making the most of their membership? What do the words “She Runs It” mean to you? When in person events are back on, go! Being around a group of women has often brought me such a sense of connection and inspiration. I have loved meeting new people and hearing new ideas at these events. It can be so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives, but taking an hour or two out of your day (either in person or on zoom) and connecting with the amazing women in this group can give you a pause and a new perspective…even if it’s only until your next meeting. 

Are you back in the office yet, or what is your work situation currently regarding in person, remote or hybrid? We plan to go back into the office September 1st with a hybrid model: 2 days working from home and 3 days in the office. 

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