C-Suite Meet with Lisa Sherman Event Recap - She Runs It
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C-Suite Meet with Lisa Sherman Event Recap

By AlysonCarney

Written by: Lauren Lombardo

She Runs It featured Ad Council CEO and President, Lisa Sherman at a C-Suite meet on March 14th. The event showcased a lively discussion between Lisa Sherman and moderator Tara Walpert Levy who is Vice President of Agency and Brand Solutions for Google and YouTube.

Lisa walked the audience through her colorful career path and highlighted the success and challenges she encountered along the way. Sherman discussed her time at Verizon, and the reasons behind her choice to leave “the telephone company” to begin an exciting entrepreneurial adventure as co-founder, President, and COO of the Women’s Sports Network.

Lisa highlighted how these early career experiences contributed to her success at Viacom where she launched and led Logo TV. Specifically, Sherman notes that the ability to leverage her identity and bring her “whole self” to work as EVP and General Manager of Logo TV accounted for the growth of the brand. In regards to this Lisa stated “when you marry your passion with the work you like to do, anything is possible”.

Lisa touched on how the Ad Council’s mission of “purpose driven marketing” allows her to continue to bring her whole identity to work and use her experiences to make sure that the content that is produced “isn’t going to perpetuate something that’s not right, and is going to advance something good”.

There is a lot to be gleaned from the hour that Sherman spent discussing her journey but one piece of wisdom Lisa shared has stayed with me, “a boat that doesn’t rock doesn’t move”. Lisa has certainly rocked the boat and in doing so has moved the industry towards better and more purposeful marketing.