Chicago – June Member of the Month, Jodie Klein, Senior Account Executive, Unruly - She Runs It

Chicago – June Member of the Month, Jodie Klein, Senior Account Executive, Unruly

By She Runs It


St. Louis, Missouri

Current job title and company

Senior Account Executive at Unruly

Describe your career journey. 

I moved to Chicago the day after I graduated from Indiana University, started interviewing for jobs and have never looked back! I started my advertising career just out of college working as a Spot Buyer at Initiative. Since then, I went on Mindshare to explore the world of media buying and decided that sales were the perfect fit for my personality, desire to learn about multiple areas of businesses and be out with various clients.  It’s been a wild ride. After spending years in the publishing world working at the major publishing houses, I ended up in the digital world in 2013 and have been learning nonstop ever since!  Most recently joining Unruly in November 2017, I dove headfirst into the video tech space and have been continuously learning!

Which three words would you use to describe your personality?

Optimistic, Energetic, Organized

What committees/programs are you involved in with She Runs It?

I have been a part of the mentoring program both as a mentee and mentor since it started. I also try and participate in many of the events, training sessions, and C-Suite speakers.

How has participating in the mentor program helped with your own personal and career development? 

The She Runs It mentoring program has allowed me to open the doors to ask for help and help others in a safe environment.  I think often times, you get caught talking to your friends or your coworkers and clients and the mentoring program has introduced me to new people and help facilitate a conversation outside of every day.  Whether you have been working for 1 year, 15 years or 25, there is always room for improvement.  It has helped me identify my journey and the path I am looking to take.  This is partly why I chose to not only be a mentor but also be a mentee.  We are all looking to continue growing and the program allows for constant growth and development.

Name a woman who inspires you and why. 

Sheryl Sandberg ­- is incredible.  Her book Lean In is an inspiration in itself but the way she has handles herself through both the tragedies and success of her life so publicly is something to truly admire.  I think her views on life, her representation of being a strong woman and her optimistic attitude (even when it didn’t need to be) shows humility.  She is a real person handling everyday real experiences and she does it with such grace and poise.  She isn’t hiding behind her misfortunes, she is using them to catapult her to the next level and inspire others.

What do the words “She Runs It” mean to you?

I think it is very easy to lose your voice in an industry filled with so many men.  She Runs It is a great organization that does such an amazing job of bringing out the strength of the women that are a part of it and showcase how much energy, leadership, and ambition is within our field.  I remember attending my first event and instantly felt connected to the group and the people associated with it.

Your social handles:

Instagram: jodes926