December Member of the Month, Janine Martella, Marketing Consultant - She Runs It

December Member of the Month, Janine Martella, Marketing Consultant

By She Runs It

Hometown  Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

Current job title/company  Marketing Consultant

Describe your career journey  An adventure in marketing! Shortly after I had started as an assistant in a pharmaceutical company’s chemical division, most of the department was eliminated. I was left to pitch in and eventually promoted to product manager. I went on to Haagen-Dazs, Sony, and LG in various product marketing and communications roles, then on to the Association of National Advertisers as Director of Committees and Conferences. The most impactful part of my journey was my mentors. As a nursing major in college I never took a marketing class, so what my mentors taught me was invaluable. I can’t thank them enough for the life I’ve had professionally and personally.

Which three words would you use to describe your personality?  Loyal. Positive. Resilient.

Name a woman who inspires you and why? My Mom. She worked in advertising in the 1960’s for Ted Bates up until she had me. She has some stories! While having three children close in age, she managed my Dad’s dental practice, had my Grandmother living with us, helped my Dad with building a new home, the list is endless. She’s always been my cheerleader and greatest support. Now at 85, she’s still in charge!

What are you involved in with She Runs It? I currently Co-Chair the mentoring committee, which oversees the development of the mentoring program and pairs mentors with mentees for the 9-month programs we offer twice a year. I’ve been on the committee nearly 6 years and am so proud of the team and our accomplishments! It is a dedicated, passionate group that continues to do so much to improve the program. I love the Mentoring Program Guidelines we developed, which gives mentors and mentees steps to follow each month. In fact, this month we are pairing mentors and mentees for the January 2020 program, with applications at an all-time high!

Why should everyone consider becoming a mentor at some point in their career? You have the potential to change someone’s life in ways they may never have known. Mentors gain invaluable experiences too with reverse mentoring, which is part of the program! I’m convinced that when we give of our ourselves, we make the world a better place.