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Don’t Just Inspire Inclusion. Measure It.

By Lynn Branigan

I absolutely love the theme of International Women’s Day 2024: Inspire inclusion.  It’s a call to action. It bids everyone to do their part in advancing the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Whether that’s removing a barrier, confronting a stereotype, contributing to a culture, or nurturing an environment where women of every identity, background, and ethnicity are valued and respected. It matters.


We should all actively and intentionally do what we can to lift and encourage women to achieve their greatest potential. But many of us can go a giant step further. We can measure our progress. Inspiration is remarkable, but action is essential. And the saying is accurate: only what gets measured gets done.


For the past few months, I’ve dedicated my monthly message (and countless hours), to the new Marketing, Media, and Adtech Inclusion Index, a survey that She Runs It has developed and funded in partnership with Seramount. More than 50 companies are currently in the process of completing the survey, which closes on Friday, March 15. If you act now you still have time to participate (it’s only ~100).


I’m excited about this new survey for several reasons. One, it will build on the intel we’ve accumulated across the past six years of #Inclusive100 studies and roundtable conversations. Two, it has the potential to provide segmented data so companies can understand how they compare to similar companies in our industry. Three, it is tailored to include the topics that matter most to the marketing industry, and it’s streamlined for ease of completion. And four – perhaps most importantly – it surfaces successful actions and best practices that can be repeated by everyone, essentially creating a roadmap to a more diverse workforce and inclusive industry.


As we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we should absolutely seek to inspire inclusion. We should champion and sponsor women as leaders. We should build awareness of the critical role that women play in building successful businesses. We should mentor, advocate, educate, and empower. But if we don’t also measure, we will never truly know the impact our actions are having.


Please register and complete the Marketing, Media, and Adtech Inclusion Survey before Friday, March 15. It’s the most inspirational action you can take toward great inclusion.

Please click here to complete the survey, or if you have questions reach out to or


Need an extension? Please contact Crystal Vagnier (, Seramount as soon as possible. Please note, no extension can be made beyond March 22nd.