Everything has changed. Nothing has changed. - She Runs It
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Everything has changed. Nothing has changed.

By She Runs It

“The world has turned upside down” is a phrase I hear, and repeat, frequently these days. Indeed it has. Everything has changed, and there is no way to minimize the impact that coronavirus has had on us … as individuals, as an industry, and as a community. Thanks to the continued support of our partners and sponsors, She Runs It – a nonprofit, 108-year-old organization – has been able to remain vibrantly virtual to keep our community connected, inspired, motivated, and productive. At least for now.

And this is important, particularly because several essential truths have not changed.

  1. Women are good for business. Maybe now more than ever. I read an article published by the World Economic Forum which read, “The emergence of female leaders can become a centrifugal force for good in the world. We’re seeing examples of female leaders emerging from across the generations to cross-weave their knowledge and drive for change.” Multiple studies in the past few years have also linked positive bottom line business results to the number of women in leadership positions across the global corporate world. These facts haven’t changed.
  2. Marketing, media, and tech are going to play a critical role in the economic recovery and reinvention that will ultimately follow this crisis. A McKinsey report released at the end of March outlined five stages of recovery: Resolve, Resilience, Return, Reimagination, and Reform. The report predicts companies that “reinvent themselves to make the most of better insight and foresight….will disproportionally succeed.” The industries and businesses served by She Runs It are among the most innovative, inventive and tenacious. The world is going to need what we provide. This fact hasn’t changed.
  3. Our mission is more essential now than ever. She Runs It exists to pave the way for more women to lead at every level of marketing, media and tech. Go back to my first point about women being good for business. Women are proven leaders. They make their organizations more profitable. They are socially responsible and innovative. At every level, they know how to achieve success. Women are still under-represented in the C-suite, and our work to balance the scales is vital to the long term vibrancy of our industry. This fact hasn’t changed.

These are the facts that keep our 501c3 organization energized, and we are resolved to keep the lights on to continue serving our community. It’s our intention to be around for the recovery (+ another 100 years), so that we can continue lifting women (and men) up, fueling them with hope and energy to recover and rebuild.

We can only continue our work – including our mentorship program, education loan relief, and our groundbreaking inclusion and diversity work with #Inclusive100 – with YOUR help.  Especially during this time, when our events are virtual (and free), please consider making a tax-deductible donation TODAY to support our work.