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VIDEO: Fearless Voices Day 1

By She Runs It



“Being fearless is not about having no fear, it’s about jumping in, even if you’re terrified.”

Running up hills and pushing through pain … our industry is filled with courageous individuals who have not only mastered adversity, but they have also decided to step up, speak out and stare down the challenges and obstacles that hinder equality for all. Their bravery amplifies the mission of She Runs It and provides fuel for the journeys of all who face personal and profession barriers. Fearless Voices are individuals who use the power of their words and actions to right a wrong, and to give voice and courage to others. They might be powerful executives or tenacious rookies. They are often women, and also men. Their stories convey wisdom, ingenuity, and heroism. She Runs It has curated a week of Fearless Voices to give a spotlight and a microphone to the gutsy women (and men), who are improving our industry and our world.


“A Journey To Me” 

Spoken Word Poetry by Mel Chante


– Jill Kelly (GroupM) | “My Name Is Park Je Un”

– Candi Castleberry (Twitter) | “Thriving On The Other Side Of Loss”

– Rick Welts (Golden State Warriors) | “Living My Truth”



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