February Member of the Month - Lisa Bull, Marketing Executive - She Runs It

February Member of the Month – Lisa Bull, Marketing Executive

By She Runs It


Montclair, NJ


What part of the industry do you work in? 

Media and Entertainment 


How long have you been a She Runs It Member? 

5 years 


What committees/programs are you involved in within She Runs It?

I am a co-chair of the Northeast Equity, Inclusion and Belonging committee and have had the opportunity to work on the annual Multicultural Bootcamp for the past three years. Our committee plans additional events throughout the year around topics members are interested in learning more about.  We are working on a Multigenerational Workforce event coming up in June. 


What advice would you give to fellow She Runs It members to make the most of their membership? 

Dive in and be curious!  She Runs It has so many things to offer members—committees, mentoring program, leadership programming and more.  It’s a great platform to meet new people and develop some amazing friendships. 


What is something you are currently working on professionally that excites you? 

I am working on a new initiative that supports women of color founders. 


Which three words would you use to describe your personality?  

Adventurous, empathic, and loyal!


Please share your social media handles if you’d like other members to connect with you.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisabull01/