January Member of the Month - Katherine Ring, Senior Client Partner, Infillion - She Runs It

January Member of the Month – Katherine Ring, Senior Client Partner, Infillion

By She Runs It




Los Angeles, CA

What made you join She Runs It?

I was first introduced to She Runs It through a Corporate Alliance Partnership during my first role in marketing/media/tech and have found meaning and impact in being an SRI Member throughout every stage of my career. 

What is something you are currently working on professionally that excites you?

Infillion is the new and improved, rebranded name of TrueX and Gimbal as of 2022Alongside the rebrand, the entire organization has been working tirelessly to combine and improve our products and capabilities, which our partners know and trust. I’m excited about the consumer-driven solutions our combined capabilities bring our partners, especially during yet another unique and difficult economic landscape impacting our professional and personal lives. 

What are you looking forward to, having joined She Runs It?

Our growing membership on the West Coast and building a strong local community of women leaders to drive empathetic and inclusive change. 

What have you enjoyed being involved with since joining?

I’ve greatly enjoyed attending the many virtual events offered over the past couple of years and, most recently, the West Coast Member Mingle events!

Name a person who inspires you and why?

Tarana Burke – To put it lightly, she changed the world and improved the lives of women, men, and non-binary individuals of all backgrounds and identities. Through what seemed to many as an overnight ‘Viral Movement,’ she spent decades dedicated to dismantling systemic issues disproportionately impacting marginalized people – particularly Black women and girls, serving as a beautiful and also frustrating reminder that years of empathetically-driven small changes to help those in need around you can lead to world-wide change. 

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