March Member of the Month - Alexandria Alvarez, Data Analyst Manager, Mindshare - She Runs It

March Member of the Month – Alexandria Alvarez, Data Analyst Manager, Mindshare

By She Runs It





Chicago, IL


What part of the industry do you work in?

Marketing and Advertising


How long have you been a She Runs It Member?

2 years


What committees/programs are you involved in within She Runs It?

I have been a member of the Southeast mentorship and leadership development committees for a year and have had the opportunity to work with the amazing chairs and other committee members. I have also hosted a networking circle and been involved in welcoming new members to She Runs It and mentors/mentees to the mentorship program.


What advice would you give to fellow She Runs It members to make the most of their membership?

Take part in the mentorship program – this program is very well structured, and the pairings are created by the committees with a lot of thought and attention. I have made great connections and achieved personal milestones during my mentorships. Secondly, take advantage of the events. One of my biggest light bulb moments was during a She Runs It event and one of the speakers discussed negotiating your worth.


What is something you are currently working on professionally that excites you? 

I am currently working on a media mix model that can advise our team and client on how their different media spends impact primary KPIs and give feedback on optimal business decisions to help reach their goal.


Which three words would you use to describe your personality? 

Driven, curious, and empathetic


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