May Member of the Month, Lindsey Davis, Programmatic Account Executive, Google - She Runs It

May Member of the Month, Lindsey Davis, Programmatic Account Executive, Google

By She Runs It

Hometown & Current City: I grew up in St. Charles, IL and live in Chicago, IL. 

Current job title and company? Programmatic Account Executive at Google

Describe your career journey. First things first – it’s important to share that every job I’ve had in my career has been influenced by another woman in the industry, who either introduced or referred me in some way that led to an interview. I have been incredibly lucky to befriend some amazing women and have a community who encourage each other however needed, so I am always willing to “pass it on” and love helping to make connections!

I started my career at Scripps Networks on the linear side and then shifted to digital planning and account management at Exponential, Univision, and BuzzFeed. I’ve now been at Google for 3 years next month. Throughout my professional life I see myself as loyal and determined, while also recognizing when it’s time to take a risk and listening to my intuition. The bumps in the road that were difficult to experience at the time are easier to understand now in the rearview mirror – each experience got me to where I am today and you just have to keep faith in yourself. 

Which three words would you use to describe your personality? Welcoming, thoughtful, imperfect.

Name a woman who inspires you and why. My best friend Sarah is confident, empathetic and successful while also unapologetically real and so authentically herself. I’ve always admired how resilient Sarah is, both professionally and in life raising two little girls. Even though we are in different fields within sales, I  apply her POV on professionalism, her sales acumen, self compassion, and naturally optimistic attitude to my own career. Most importantly, I’m so thankful to have her as a friend – she’s often my biggest cheerleader and an immensely positive influence in my life!

I’m also inspired by the mentees I’ve been fortunate to meet through She Runs It Mentoring program – Kelly, Marilyn, and Ellen. I continually find myself learning from them and impressed by their tenacity and bravery. 

What committees/programs are you involved in with She Runs It? I have been involved in the Mentorship Program both as a mentor and mentee, and now am part of the Mentoring Committee helping to match women and coordinate meet-ups, the kick-off events, and check ins. 

What advice would you give to fellow new members in making the most of their membership? To take advantage of the Mentorship Program you don’t need to feel like your career is going perfectly to be a mentor, and you don’t need to be thinking just about a major career shift to be a mentee (although that is also a perfect time to sign up). Right now it’s a difficult time to connect with people, but career demands haven’t let up, so I think building and maintaining a supportive network is more important than ever. I can’t say enough about the program and how it’s been a rewarding experience for so many (and as a shameless plug, we’re always in the market for more mentors!). 

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