May Member of the Month, Stefani Briker, Client Partner - She Runs It

May Member of the Month, Stefani Briker, Client Partner

By She Runs It

Hometown: Potomac, MD in the DC suburbs

Current job title/company: Client Partner, Facebook

Briefly describe your career journey. My career journey is one that has taken me across many areas of the industry.  Always in sales, I started in magazines and made my way from print to out-of-home to digital and now social. I’ve worked in companies both big and small and have always hustled to pursue roles that would help advance my career. I’m very happy to have found my way to Facebook despite the journey to get here at times being unpredictable, bumpy and not always easy.  Overall, I’m proud of where I’ve been and where I am today because of the different experiences I’ve gained.

Which three words would you use to describe your personality? Driven, outgoing and compassionate

What motivated you to co-lead the recent Water Cooler Convo discussion? With everything happening right now, I wanted to find a way that I could help – all while stuck at home.  With so many people’s jobs affected, I knew paying forward my job-hunting experience was a way to support others.  While COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation, I’m no stranger to the shock and uncertainty that comes with facing job adversity, especially during a nationwide crises.  During the financial crisis of 2008/2009, the magazine I worked for closed, and after quickly getting hired at another magazine, they had layoffs a few months later.  In addition to getting back on my feet after those experiences, I’ve also made a ton of moves throughout my career to get where I wanted to go.  Knowing that She Runs It worked extremely fast to launch its virtual series when COVID-19 first hit, I pitched the idea of a session dedicated to the topic of job impact.  To She Run It’s credit, they moved on the idea right away and we hosted the discussion quickly after. I’m incredibly grateful for Lynn Branigan, Nadia McDowell, Alex Hausser and Ty Heath for their collaboration to make it happen.  I hope to find more ways to continue helping.

Name a woman who inspires you and why? My Grandma Shirlee is a major source of inspiration for me.  She’s the most positive person I know and I’m convinced that’s why she’s lived such a charmed life, long surviving her husband and being the only one of my grandparents to meet all five of her great-grandchildren.  Beyond that, she’s a fighter.  Back in December, my grandma had a health scare that led to a brief hospitalization.  When she was discharged shortly after New Year’s, the doctors gave her two weeks to live.  I’m incredibly proud that we (virtually) celebrated my grandma’s 94th birthday on April 7th and that she continues to persevere.

What are you involved in with She Runs It? I originally joined She Runs It to participate in their incredible mentorship program, which I’ve now been part of for more than three years.  It’s a mutually beneficial opportunity to help develop professionals coming up in the industry.  She Runs It recently offered me the opportunity to be Facebook’s Corporate Alliance Internal Ambassador where my role is to help increase program engagement at FB.  It’s an exciting opportunity to promote the organization and get fellow Facebookers involved.  I also love the networking events because so many of my friends and former colleagues are part of the organization and it gives me a chance to see them while developing my own career.

What is inspiring you during this period of change we are all currently experiencing?
I’m tremendously inspired by those stepping up to help others during this crisis.  Whether it’s people raising money for restaurant deliveries to feed hospital workers, companies changing their production lines to make sanitizer, masks and other necessary PPE, or doctors and nurses stepping in to lend more support at hospitals, I’m in awe of those giving of themselves.  It’s made me feel that I personally need to give more of myself beyond donating money and sheltering in place.  It’s why I raised my hand for the She Runs It Water Cooler conversation and why I continue to help those whose jobs have been impacted.

Why should young professionals in the industry consider being a part of She Runs It? She Runs It is a phenomenal organization that has something for everyone.  No matter what you’re trying to accomplish at any moment in your career, the networking, resources and opportunities that She Runs It offers are top-notch.  What first attracted me was the caliber of women (and men!) that are part of the organization, along with the amazing mentorship program that’s so widely respected in our business.  What’s kept me involved are the amazing connections and opportunities to help others that I’ve gotten out of it.