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Meet Me! – She Runs It Ambassador, Freya Dumasia

By She Runs It

How long have you been a She Runs It Member?   Almost 2 years!

Which three words would you use to describe yourself and why?   Empathetic, lion-hearted and dedicated. To be empathetic I believe is one of the most valuable traits to place yourself in someone else’s world. A trait that can sometimes be construed as weak. My lion-hearted spirit refuses to believe that. You can be both compassionate and strong along with being fiercely dedicated to things that may be challenging but never impossible

How has She Runs It impacted your career?   People. People. People. Even just meeting that one person, who then put me in contact with another and that continuously led to meeting more and more people- quite an experience- the NYC networked chain effect. It led to being introduced to the best and brightest minds within the advertising industry. I am still searching for new opportunities to make an educated next move and with meeting new people, hopefully will make a significant impact on my career.

Which She Runs It event(s) would you recommend to someone unfamiliar with the organization and why?

The New Members Meeting is a great start for anyone new. It offers an overview of the opportunity to explore all the committees and then let’s you decide where you could fit best.

What is a recent career success that you are proud of?   A few months ago, I lead the launch of our very own brand. An idea from scratch, we came up with the name of the company, designed the whole business, marketing and communication materials, everything in advertising from A to Z…We were very proud to finally launch it out to the world! I plan to to keep working hard to create an even greater success story.

Name a woman who inspires you and why?   My dearest mum who wears an array of different hats by being a mother, best friend, manager, real-estate student, poet, public-speaker, hiker, cyclist, swimmer, sky-diver- you name it!) she always taught me you can achieve anything you set your mind to. So here I am making it in the big apple and when I first moved to New York this was the exact energy I needed to still have around me- and was one of many reasons why I joined She Runs It! To place myself in a driven environment where I could meet people from different walks of life, each with their own success and battle stories, keeping me motivated and able to look up to people that I would want to emulate throughout my career.