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Mentoring Builds Momentum

By Lynn Branigan

What is your company seeking to achieve within its workforce? Greater retention of employees? More underrepresented individuals in leadership roles? Improved mental health across the board? A boost in productivity?


Mentoring has been linked to all of these outcomes, and applications to join our Fall session are still open to our members until August 4 (that’s this Friday!).


A 2022 Harvard Business Review article cited a study in which a mentoring program generated an ROI of 870% for a company based on revenue gains and employee retention. Corporate Wellness magazine suggests that by providing a supportive and safe space for employees to discuss their challenges, mentorship can help reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout. Mentors can provide a listening ear, offer advice and guidance, and help employees build the skills they need to manage their workload and achieve their goals.


These are some of the reasons our corporate alliance partners offer She Runs It membership to their employees – it gives them access to our twice-annual mentoring program, which is the most robust in the marketing industry. Every year, about 1,000 people participate, and we are frequently told that the experience benefits the mentors as much as it does the mentees.


Some thoughts from our mentors:

“Knowing that I’ve coached someone through their professional goals, whether it’s a workplace challenge, or a new job or promotion, or even winning the education loan relief scholarship, makes this program so special to me.”Meredith Alenky, a 4x Mentor 


I have found so much value in helping professional women identify and navigate their career paths through She Runs It’s mentorship program. It has been incredibly fulfilling to see my mentees make strides toward their goals and to be a support to them along the way. It feels perhaps even better knowing that doing so is one step in paying forward the debt of gratitude I owe to the women who have given me the coaching, support, and guidance to be able to confidently do the same for others.”- Samantha Hardage, 1x Mentor 


And from the mentees:

Not only did I learn from my mentor, but I also learned so much from the other mentees.  There were a lot of common themes we discussed, and it was helpful to work through those as a group, and to learn that someone else was experiencing something similar (i.e. imposter syndrome & confidence came up a few times).  Having the reassurance that someone at my level was experiencing something similar was an eye-opening moment for me and made me realize there are probably even more women going through this. I learned a lot about myself and experienced so much professional and personal growth throughout our time together these past nine months!”- Meredith Alenky, 2x Mentee 


My mentors are people I know I can always count on (and have) during pivotal, defining career moments.” –Noemi Garcia, 2x Mentee 


The most surprising benefit of participating was the support from both my peer member and my mentor. I had expected to learn new things and sharpen skills, but I unexpectedly built strong relationships that helped me brainstorm solutions and solve everyday challenges in the work world. I’m so grateful! “-Jen Brennan, Mentee 


If you are a member of She Runs It and want to apply for the program, log into as a member to find the application. If you have an hour of time to give every month to a future superstar, please do the same. And if you are a company that wants to provide the benefit of mentorship (and so much more) to your employees, please contact me at I’d love to tell you more.