New York - August Member of the Month, Emma Dunbar, Sales Strategy & Marketing US Lead at Nextdoor - She Runs It

New York – August Member of the Month, Emma Dunbar, Sales Strategy & Marketing US Lead at Nextdoor

By She Runs It


New York City

Current job title and company

Sales Strategy & Marketing US Lead, Nextdoor

How many years have you been a member of She Runs It?

5 years

Briefly describe your role at your company, and what’s an accomplishment (success story) at your current company that you are proud of.

I lead our market positioning for advertisers to help our brand partners see the value and opportunity with Nextdoor. A recent accomplishment was hiring the first official members of the team who are some of the brightest and most driven women I’ve worked with. Lucky to have them on board!

Which three words would you use to describe your personality?

Driven, Empathetic, Courageous

How do you balance working in very busy role at your company, while also managing to make a great contribution to our ambassador program?

The sub-committee  initiatives in the ambassador program are set up to all support each other, so we can all contribute together! When we have our committee meetings I make sure to give them my full attention and work through follow ups quickly to make sure I’m keeping up.

How has She Runs It impacted your career?

I’ve been influenced by some great words of advice from phenomenal industry leaders I’ve heard speak at She Runs It events. They’ve stuck with me and helped me make better business decisions than I may have in the past!

If you could give one piece of advice to a young woman entering the industry in her first job, what would it be?

Say yes to everything. You’ll learn things that may not seem relevant now, but will be in the future. Working hard, you’ll also be given more opportunities when teams know you’re open to taking on projects – that will lead to more opportunities in your future career path. 

Name a woman who inspires you and why.

Cliche, but true. My mom. There is no one I have met in any industry that has the motivation, drive, will and selflessness she does.