New York – March Member of the Month, Abra Jones, Google - She Runs It

New York – March Member of the Month, Abra Jones, Google

By She Runs It

Hometown? Salt Lake City, Utah

Job title and company? Sr. Account Executive, Google

Describe your career journey thus far. 

I started as a journalism major and went into internships as a sports broadcaster, thinking that was the career path for me. I’ve always been outspoken, enjoy a fast-paced environment and felt a sense of purpose when capturing an audience. It was years later, after moving to New York City, that I first tried advertising. It didn’t take long before I realized I was suppressing all those traits that I enjoyed during my college years. I needed more personal interaction in my day.  That’s when I segued into sales.  I started my first sales job in 2008 at Google, leveraging my advertising experience with a pharmaceutical academic journal to join a team focused on big pharma. From there, I’ve held various roles pivoting across various industries.  I was promoted to Sr. Account Executive in the fall of 2018 and have covered companies such as IKEA, Luxottica and Barneys.

How has She Runs It helped you personally and/or professionally? 

The networking opportunities were helpful as a young professional new to the sales industry

The organization also provided me a leadership opportunity by serving on the Mentoring Committee.

Name a woman who inspires you and why. 

My mom. She is my spiritual role model and the best listener

Which three words would you use to describe your personality? Outgoing, positive, authentic

Why do you think mentorship is important in the careers of young executives?  Mentoring provides the opportunity for someone to play a role in someone else’s life that most don’t experience.  That is the role between a friend and a colleague…the best of both worlds. Young executives need someone in that role more than ever as their histories are overweight in friends and underweight in colleagues. A mentor can help a young professional navigate the real world.

What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of, in being a part of the mentoring committee?

After 6.5 years on the committee, I’m most proud of pairing thousands of mentor and mentee matches to pay it forward and lift up young people starting out their careers (or older mentees trying to sharpen their tool set).

Do you have any tips for new mothers in balancing career & family?

Communication and good childcare