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Not Just Another Day

By Lynn Branigan

March is a particularly important month for She Runs It because it’s Women’s History Month and the calendar includes International Women’s Day on March 8. At She Runs It, we think of it as a month when the whole world embraces our mission. It’s a commemorative moment in time when we don’t have to ask ourselves as we recognize it, “Is this action more than performative? Are we truly working to make a difference?”


When people ask us, “What are you going to do for International Women’s Day?”, we say “we’re going to work.” Every day is women’s day at She Runs It. Our mission is to pave the way for more women of every ethnicity, background, and identity to lead at every level of her career in marketing, media, and tech. Our mantra is to help our community stay strong, current, connected, and included.


Our energies are devoted to maintaining the industry’s most robust mentoring program. We encourage companies to participate in #Inclusive100 so they can measure progress against their DEI initiatives and crowdsource best practices that enable them to improve. We shine a spotlight on successful individuals in our industry through awards like Working Mothers of the Year, which we celebrated on March 1 by putting working warriors on the stage to share their stories and strategies. We program a robust calendar of events and conversations that help women know their worth, advocate for themselves, nurture a network, lift others, manage their finances, navigate industry trends, tell their stories, and much, much more. We write checks (up to $10,000 each) to rising stars in our industry to help them satisfy their education loans. In 2022 we conducted a START Accelerator program with digitalundivided to support a cohort of 10 women of color entrepreneurs as they advanced their new business ideas.


We absolutely love Women’s History Month. International Women’s Day is a vital and vibrant reminder to all that women are still fighting for equality, pay equity, reproductive rights … and in so many places the right to learn, work, earn, lead, and govern. She Runs It will never stop working for these rights. This month, we are simply mightier in our quest.