October Member of the Month, Alison Bestler, Media Administrator, Spark Foundry - She Runs It

October Member of the Month, Alison Bestler, Media Administrator, Spark Foundry

By She Runs It

Hometown & Current City: I’m from Hinsdale (Chicago western suburb), but I’ve been living downtown for the past 3 years or so.

Current job title and company? Media Administrator at Spark Foundry

Describe your career journey: “Life is infinitely stranger than anything the mind could invent.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He wrote the Sherlock Holmes books and it’s my favorite quote. I’ve pivoted through a few industries and even switched both my major and college, so it took me a little longer to graduate. I started as a business major at Butler University and graduated from Stonehill College after studying Mediated Communication. I believe that each experience teaches me something, even if it’s teaching me what I don’t like to do. When I met with a recruiter for my current role, she referenced what I learned as an assistant at 90.9fm WDCB for skills that I could use in my current job. It was a huge learning curve at Spark, but totally worth it! Most importantly, I’m here for the team.

Which three words would you use to describe your personality? Articulate, enthusiastic and loyal

Name a woman who inspires you and why: I’m blessed to have so many inspiring women in my life! My family comes from a strong line of wonderful women, starting with my maternal grandmother. We all strive to truly listen like she did. My mom has always done anything for my younger sister and I, which has made us pretty incredible women today. Mom taught us how to stay positive and look for solutions, when others are willing to give up. My generous spirit comes from her and her family. My advisor at Stonehill, Angela Paradise, introduced me to my major and supported me throughout my degree. I would have never found a major I love without her introduction class. She’s incredibly smart and has a beautiful family. She often used examples from her own kids to teach about us about how media affects children. When I joined She Runs It, I met so many amazing women, including my awesome mentor, Allison Aaron. She listened and brought me new perspectives that I wouldn’t have considered before. She was happy to connect me with people in her network to help me explore and grow.

What committees/programs are you involved in with She Runs It? I joined the mentorship program as a mentee and it’s the best decision that I’ve made!

What advice would you give to fellow new members in making the most of their membership?Another member highly recommended joining the mentorship program and I couldn’t agree more! With virtual events, it’s easy to tune in during the day. I schedule my lunch break then, so I can listen over lunch. I’ve learned SO much and met so many incredible women.

What do the words “She Runs It” mean to you? I’m grateful to have had leadership positions socially through different non-profit organizations. Pull up a chair, even virtually, to bring someone new to the table. She might be hesitant, but this might be the invitation she needs. Surround yourself with people that have different talents than you and that you trust to get the job done. Women leaders tend to be more adaptable and empathetic, which we need now more than ever.