October Member of the Month: John Oros, Sales & Partnership Lead, Automotive, New York Times - She Runs It

October Member of the Month: John Oros, Sales & Partnership Lead, Automotive, New York Times


Hometown? Peekskill, New York

Current job title and company? Sales & Partnership Lead, Automotive, New York Times

Describe your career journey. I began as a temp at BBC Worldwide in New York, moved into a sales support role, account coordinating, planning and eventually a lead in Sales across BBC America and eventually BBC.com. For a time, I worked as an Account Executive at DEFY Media, before moving to the New York Times to be Sales Lead with auto advertisers.

How has She Runs It helped you personally or professionally? For me, She Runs It offers a brilliant platform to network and expand my personal leadership and career philosophies. The programming and contacts at every level enrich my professional experience by fostering new relationships and business styles. On a personal level, I think it’s a small tribute to the women in my life who have and continue to thrive in their careers.

What was a project you were particularly proud of or had obstacles that you had to overcome? Much of what we do at the New York Times has been, what we call, NBDB (never been done before) and these advertising and enterprise level partnerships require a lot of internal and external navigation and negotiation. I’m very thankful and proud of being part of the team that helped launch of The Daily, NYTimes’ first daily podcast.

What celebrity would you want to be stuck in an elevator with? Meryl Streep.

When are you most happy? On a Friday at a rooftop Happy Hour, when it’s 72 degrees and sunny in New York and I can take a breath, sip a drink and celebrate with friends, co-workers or family after a long week of collaboration and fulfilling work (while looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday).

What role do you think men play in paving the road for women in marketing and media? I think this question requires a nuanced response but I think it all starts with mutual respect and recognition of some of the built-in challenges that women face in business, in general. For me, this means making sure I don’t let myself or other male coworkers ‘mansplain,’ or dictate what should be a collaborative work environment. It means celebrating the success of all colleagues equally.

What is your personal philosophy? It’s all relative. Your challenge might be someone else’s opportunity. Someone’s drama might seem trite to you. And that’s ok. Take a step back, and put yourself in another person’s shoes to gain greater understanding.

If you could do another job just for one day, what would it be? Full-time student or professor.

What do you like to do in your free time? Take in live performances—ranging from pop concerts at MSG to experimental theater productions in Bushwick.

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