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She Runs It x Cannes: This June!

By AlysonCarney

If you’ll be traveling to Cannes this June and want to register for any of these events, email for details! 

The Best Of Badass Bosses: Presented by She Runs It + Fluent
She got to the C-Suite – the top of her game – and she’s famous for leaning in hard. She doesn’t need a microphone to be heard in a boardroom (or a ballroom for that matter). She creates new rules & doesn’t suffer fools. She is a badass boss. And while fierce, she is far from ferocious.

Join She Runs It to hear from intrepid leaders who are shattering the glass ceiling and pulling others up to join them. Fuel your own courage with the lessons they share, and learn their velvet glove strategies for building teams, breaking through barriers and earning the confidence of their colleagues.

Tuesday, June 18 | Pandora Cabana | 12:00PM – 1:30PM

The Room x She Runs It: Cocktail Party 
Let’s gather as a She Runs It community as The Room hosts us over cocktails in Cannes.

Tuesday, June 18 | The Room Yacht | 5:00PM – 7:00PM 

She Runs It, He Gets It Panel 
Women are good for business…that fact is indisputable. Multiple studies have shown that companies where women are most strongly represented at executive levels are also the companies that perform best in profitability, productivity and workforce engagement. Often the greatest accelerants for women into leadership roles are sponsors who already reside in the C-suite – currently 70% white men – who recognize the value of gender parity at the top. This often results in the formation of Dynamic Duos: women leaders with collaborative male counterparts. Join She Runs It and Teads in a conversation with three male and female partners-in-success to uncover the super powers of these teams.

Wednesday, June 19 | Teads Yacht | 12:00PM – 1:00PM 

Fearless Voices

“Being fearless is not about having no fear, it’s about being terrified, but jumping in anyway.” Across the marketing, media and tech landscape, there are courageous and determined individuals who have decided to step up, speak out and stare down the challenges and obstacles that hinder gender equality.

Fearless Voices are individuals who use the power of their words and actions to right a wrong, and to give voice and courage to others. They might be powerful executives or tenacious rookies. They are often women, and also men. Their stories impart wisdom, ideas and inspiration. She Runs It has curated a Fearless Voices session to give a spotlight and a microphone to the gutsy women (and men), who have confronted bias, challenged stereotypes and shed light on the dark corners of bigotry to pave a path for women to lead. Join She Runs It and our sponsor – Facebook – to learn valuable lessons from the daring.

Thursday, June 20 | Facebook Beach | 9:45AM – 11:30AM