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She Runs It. Period

By She Runs It

The English language has 14 punctuation marks, but none are as simply definitive as the period. It marks the end of a declarative sentence. 


In 2021, our corporate alliance partner dentsu offered to take a fresh look at our brand identity and give us some thoughts on how we might nuance it to reflect the modern, vibrant organization that we are. That exploration led to a new appreciation for the period that was inherent to the She Runs It logo created by co:collective when we changed our name in 2016. A period is an unexpected logo component, but there it was, hiding in plain sight and punctuating a definitive statement. She Runs It. Full stop. Enough said.


You’re going to see more of that period moving forward, because it reflects who we are. A period suggests a confident statement. We are not shouting, as in She Runs It! We are not tentative, as in She Runs It, (comma). We are simply expressing a fact that women are leaders who run their business, their teams, their companies, their families, their lives. We recognize and celebrate the fact that he runs it, and they run it, too. We are She Runs It.


The brand refresh created by dentsu’s McGarry Bowen includes other changes as well, some subtle, some conspicuous. Our color scheme has been streamlined and complemented with some bold accents. Our font has been augmented with a punchy headline option. Our images are intended to reflect the smart, curious, successful, inventive, earnest, fearless, and determined personalities of our membership. 


Everything related to our brand ID is being harmonized to convey a single, unified organizatio that expresses itself across multiple platforms and channels. The shift to a slightly new brand identity is reflective of our journey to a future where more women lead at every level of marketing, media, and tech. And what better time than the beginning of a new year to show up with a new look. We’re ready to make 2022 our most successful year. We’re glad you’re part of our journey.