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Single In the C-Suite Event Recap

By She Runs It

Written by: Jill Reisinger, Neo Media World

The She Runs It Single in the C-Suite panel, hosted at Fluent on October 22nd, featured three successful, and most importantly, single women. Hosted by the Leadership Development Committee, the panel focused on the unique workplace dynamics and challenges for single people as they work their way to the top. Key takeaways were that these women have found unity and fullness in both their personal and professional lives.
Panelists included Wendy Goldberg, EVP & Chief Communications Officer at iHeartMedia Inc., Maria Weaver, CMO at Comcast Advertising, and Dianne DeSevo, Global Chief HR Officer at The Engine Group. The definition of “single” varied for each panelist, but whether they were never married, divorced, or had a child on their own, they shared a lot of commonalities as well. They each have a solid support system and strong women role models. Dianne DeSevo described her role model, “I never thought of it as ‘she’s single.’ I thought of her as this smart, successful, independent woman with a very full life of travel, career, friends, and family.”
Maria Weaver described how through divorce she was able to find an immediate group of women who supported her, aiding in her success. “It brought me closer to a lot of senior level women who had gone through divorce and they gave me advice. I chose not to let it falter my ability to do both [be successful in my career and raise my children],” said Maria.
These women reminded the attendees of the importance that we all support each other, whether we are single, married, have children or don’t. Dianne DeSevo said, “I strongly believe everyone needs balance. What I try to do for myself is be very confident, ask what I need for myself, and not make excuses. I encourage the women and men in the audience to do the same.”