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Thought Leadership

The Power of Community

By Lynn Branigan

She Runs It is fueled by an amazing energy generated by our membership, Operating Board, Foundation Board, committees, ambassadors, and Executive Class. There is so much power in this band of allies, but we sometimes overlook the impact we can have – and the volume we can generate – by simply engaging with each other on our social platforms. Our goal in Q4 is to tap into this potential with more intention.



Throughout September, we are going to focus on social engagement, particularly on LinkedIn. Our good friends at LinkedIn have inspired us with recommendations and guidance for creating and posting She Runs It badges, using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, encouraging broader engagement, and building active communities of members who amplify each other’s voices. We plan to be distributing badges (and instructions) by mid-September (next week), and our membership will receive tips and instructions throughout the month for building communities.



As a preliminary step, if you aren’t already doing so, please FOLLOW She Runs It on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. When you see us post – and we do so frequently – please share on your own channels as often as possible (@SheRunsItOrg are our handles and our hashtag is #sherunsit). Stay tuned for more guided encouragement in the coming weeks.



If we leverage the power of our community to strengthen and expand our impact, we can accelerate our mission to pave the way for more women to lead at every level of marketing, media, and tech. And that, after all, is why we exist.✨😎💪💡👩‍💻