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Thought Leadership

The Power of Hope

By Lynn Branigan

April is, among other things, the National Month of Hope, which was first established in 2018 by the non-profit Mothers In Crisis as a way to counteract daily challenges and encourage resilience and positivity. In the spirit of this month-long recognition, I want to ponder in this message the impact that hope can have on our industry, and review a few of the things that give me hope.


I am hopeful because more than 50 companies applied for the Marketing, Media, and Ad Tech Inclusion Index that She Runs It created in partnership with Seramount. The survey closed last month, and early results will be revealed at the Possible Conference in Miami later this month, where She Runs It is hosting and programming the opening lunch event.


I am hopeful that our industry leaders are recognizing the power of women as leaders, evidenced by the fact that nearly 50 Corporate Alliance Partners (and counting), are supporting the mission of She Runs It, which is to pave the way for more women of every background, identity and ethnicity to lead at every level of her career in marketing, media, and tech.


I am hopeful that women (and men) are lifting each other and paying it forward through our mentoring program – the most robust in the industry – which will kick off its Spring 2024 session on April 30, with nearly 400 members having applied to participate.


The journey of the past four years has been a challenging one, and our industry continues to navigate an unprecedented pace of change and disruption, but ours is a creative industry, fueled by ideas and optimistic energy. I’m hopeful that #Inclusive100 will continue to provide a roadmap to greater inclusivity and diversity in our industry. I’m hopeful that we will continue to propel more women into leadership roles. I’m hopeful that our members will find allies, sponsors, and mentors in our community.


In this month of commemoration, and for all the months that follow, I intend to make hope a decision. I hope you will too.