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The Power of Purpose

By Lynn Branigan

The Power of Purpose

A lot of people don’t realize that She Runs It is a 501c3 organization. Officially, that means we are a non-profit entity that is being encouraged (by the government) to continue delivering our programs through the form of tax breaks. In lay terms, it means that we rely on our community and our industry for the funding that makes our mission achievable.

Paving the way for more women to lead at every level of marketing and media is pretty tireless work. In this pursuit we provide leadership development opportunities, networking events … and we operate the largest mentoring program – more than 350 pairs – in the industry. Our Foundation provides education loan relief to women who are able to rise faster without the burden of education costs. To date, we’ve eliminated more than $500K of personal debt for our members. Late last year we launched the Inclusion and Diversity Accountability Consortium (IDAC), the industry’s first measurement-based initiative designed to make our collective workforce more accurately reflect the rich and complex mosaic of the global population.

Our funding comes from several places. Our members pay modest annual fees. We work with several corporate alliance partners who invest in membership levels, bespoke events and development programs for their staff. We raise funds through ticket sales to our events which are designed to spotlight women who are changing the game, breaking through barriers and simply living an example for other women who want to follow in their footsteps.

Beginning this month – August 2018 – we are also going to accept individual donations through our web site: Donors can give as much or as little (and as often) as they wish through our secure site, and all contributions will not only empower us to continue our mission, but they will also help us expand to serve the entire US marketing and media industry.

She Runs It has as Manifesto, which begins with these words: We have always believed in the power of women. For over a hundred years, we have worked to nurture and celebrate women in marketing and media.

It is our dream that we will NOT be fighting this fight 100 years from now. It is our dream to see as many women as there are men sitting at the head of the table, and in realizing that vision we sincerely hope to make our purpose obsolete. Until that time, we will continue to work for women, and we will continue to appreciate and rely on donations from supporters like you.