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VIDEO: C-Suite Meet with Ekta Chopra

By She Runs It

Beauty and the Beast: Reinventing a Beauty Brand in the time of Covid

Ekta Chopra already had her work cut out for her in 2019 when e.l.f. Beauty decided to pull out of brick and mortar stores and push entirely into digital. She was busy reinvesting resources in a complete digital transformation when the pandemic put an end to foot traffic and closed the doors on retail stores across the world. The fortuitous transformation turned what would have been a difficult year into one that saw triple digit growth in 2020. Part of Ekta’s plan was a venture into TikTok as a marketing tool, and the original song that was released on the platform — called “Eyes, Lips, Face” — was the fastest campaign to ever hit 1 billion views within six days. Join She Runs It on August 5 to learn how this tenacious C-Suiter uses curiosity, empathy and determination to lead her company’s tech, eCommerce, and consumer service teams to strangle the Covid beast and propelled e.l.f. to be the second most preferred brand for GenZ.