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VIDEO: miniSeries – She Runs It for ERGs

By She Runs It


As a company that champions ERGs within your employee population, you know these groups help you develop internal leaders, achieve higher retention rates, educate employees, and even recruit underrepresented individuals into your talent pipeline. In fact, because ERGs can be so pivotal in driving inclusive and diverse workplaces, She Runs It has created a mini-series specifically for ERGs who want to tap into some of our most compelling content. On January 25 at 12 pm ET, we will host our second quarterly session – Game Change Her – featuring conversations with past Changing the Game Award winners. Learn from these catalysts of innovation their strategies for making bold moves and reinventing the rules of marketing to transform brands, organizations and teams. This mini-series is exclusive to our Corporate Alliance Partners (CAPs), free of cost, as a way to support the important work of the companies who invest in them.