VIDEO: Multicultural Bootcamp - Reach Towards What's Next - Day 1 - She Runs It
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VIDEO: Multicultural Bootcamp – Reach Towards What’s Next – Day 1

By She Runs It


“So let us not return to normal but reach toward what is next” – Amanda Gorman

She Runs It and our Midwest Multicultural Committee proudly present the 10th Annual Multicultural Bootcamp. Join us April 20th – 22nd, from 1:00 pm- 2:00pmET, for a daily dose of information, inspiration, instruction, and networking as we seek to create change and shape corporate cultures.

Your ticket gives you access to all 3 days.


Keynote: Leaving the Known 

Looking to the new future that poet Amanda Gorman foretold in her inaugural message, it is essential to release our grip on the past and instead grab hold of new ideas and approaches. Embracing what’s next requires a fearless commitment to look to the future with eyes wide open. This is true for every individual in work and life. In this keynote, you will hear from a leader who has refused to rest on laurels or let the past define her. Through her story you will learn where to find sources of courage and wisdom that can propel you to new possibilities.

Marissa Solis, SVP, Global Brand & Consumer Marketing, National Football League

Panel: What’s next for Multicultural Marketing?  

The multicultural majority may be a reality for the American population under 35 years old as soon as 2023. Worth noting, this age group includes all of GenZ – with its $150 billion in spending power; and much of GenY, with its $2.5 trillion in spending power. With 100 percent of the total US population growth coming from multicultural segments, why do multicultural media investments make up only about 7 percent of total advertising and marketing spend? Effective, culturally specific marketing is critical for brands and businesses that want to grow in a multicultural economy. This session will widen the lens on how to reach and engage multicultural audiences.

Moderator: Erin Harris, Director, Multicultural, SXM Media & Midwest Multicultural Committee Co-Chair


Christina Liu, Senior Director, Integrated Marketing Velocity, Paramount

Juanita Slappy, Head of Multicultural Marketing, Cadillac

Barry Wade, Managing Director, Cultural Partnerships & Identity, OMD