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VIDEO: What’s Hot in Media, Marketing & Tech

By She Runs It



Navigating the Age of Perpetual Disruption

In the past three years, the scope and pace of disruption has been dazzling and dizzying … making it all but impossible to separate the now from the next. For the 2023 What’s Hot In Marketing, Media, and Tech event, She Runs It is convening a line-up of experts, pioneers, and digital seers to dissect the developments and trends that will shape the future of marketing. From the metaverse to AI to VR and immersive everything, this will be a Web3 masterclass you won’t want to miss.

Keynote Speaker:

Catherine D. Henry, SVP, Web3 & Metaverse Innovation Strategy, Media.Monks

Panel: Web3 – Brave New Internet

In 2022, the Harvard Business Review wrote: “Welcome to the confusing, contested, exciting, utopian, scam-ridden, disastrous, democratizing, (maybe) decentralized world of Web3”. This is the future of the internet … putting control in the hands of users and using blockchain to change how information is stored, shared, and owned. Some look at Web3 as a digital playground, while others look at it as a commercial goldmine. But who is making the most of its potential? Join us for a panel discussion with some of the industry’s top Web3 leaders and innovators to better understand what it is, what it isn’t, and how brands are leaning in.


Joie Mikitson, Head of Innovation, Shorty


Katherine Champagne, Marketing Manager, Rainbow

Jenn LaRocco, Vice President, Technology and Web3 Strategy, SXM Media

Clare Liston, Director, Paid Media, Tyson Foods

Wilson Standish, Head of Content & Creativity, Hearts & Science

Panel: AI is the Future: Is it Friend or Foe?

Business adoption of artificial intelligence has doubled in the past five years, and the release of technologies like ChatGPT in 2022 have transformed AI into one of the fastest growing industries. Projected to reinvent everything from work to art to education and beyond, AI is equally reviled and revered for its transformational potential. In this conversation, AI advocates will explore the technology and discuss how marketers are making the most of it to build brands and engage consumers.


Mia Umanos, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Click Voyant


Nobelle de la Rosa, Senior Vice President, Publicis Health

Michelle Pacynski, Vice President, Digital Innovation, Ulta Beauty

Luna Rajbhandari, Vice President, Data Management and Platforms,

9:30am: In-Person Registration/Networking
10:00am: Keynote Begins
10:30am: Panel: Web3 – Brave New Internet
11:20am: Break
11:30am: Panel: AI is the Future: Is it Friend or Foe?
12:30pm Event Concludes