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Thought Leadership

We Heard You.

By Lynn Branigan

As most of you know, She Runs It launched an engagement survey to our membership in May, seeking feedback that can help us create the richest possible experience for our community. Many of you – 306  to be exact – participated in that survey. Thank you!


Our objectives for fielding the study were three-fold. We wanted to better understand the composition of our membership, to learn how well we are showing up for women of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and perspectives, and to consider how we might improve our services and programming to deliver on our mission. The survey closed in June, and we have been distilling and analyzing the feedback with a particular eye toward evaluating how we can better serve the intersectionality of our members, as well as which actions we need to take, and how we can track and measure progress against those actions.


A few interesting headlines emerged from your feedback.  For instance, the majority of our community – 71% of non-white respondents and 77% of all respondents – feels the She Runs It culture makes underrepresented populations feel welcome and valued. However, nearly 10 percent of you said you’ve experienced unconscious bias or micro-aggressions while participating in a She Runs It event. That’s a sobering insight that needs to be remedied.


We also learned that 60% of you have never attended an She Runs It event in person. That’s an incredible number and speaks to the virtual content and programming we have been delivering since the onset of Covid. We need to find a balance between virtual and live so that we can satisfy the broadest number of our members.


The survey has delivered so much invaluable and actionable information that will inform our way forward as an organization. Over the next few weeks, we will create opportunities for you to see the results of the survey in full. More importantly, we will be developing and sharing action plans and road maps that detail exactly how we intend to improve our offering and our services.


We asked for your help. You answered. And we heard you. Together we will create a more diverse and inclusive community that helps our members stay strong, current, connected, and included.