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VIDEO: What Would you Tell Your Younger Self

By She Runs It

Hey Younger Me, Guess What?

Every successful leader has a trove of what-if scenarios and hard-earned lessons they can pay forward to the next generation: wrong turns, tough decisions, bad advice. They also have a stash of insights gained from doing things right. Join She Runs It and our Midwest Young Executive Committee for our 3rd annual What Would You Tell Your Younger Self event to get a strong dose of wisdom, reflection and inspiration as leaders and learners mine the powerful lessons execs see most clearly in their rearview mirrors.

Session 1

The Me I Want to Be

Allies, mentors, and sponsors are critical advisors on the road to leadership, but every woman also needs to take control of her own destiny and be the person who doesn’t wait for something to happen; but rather makes things happen for herself. Sometimes your most powerful advocate is YOU: becoming your own cheerleader, teammate, and MVP doing what it takes to make a name for yourself. In this session, a panel of dreamers and doers will share their experiences, ups and downs, and everything in-between to demonstrate how self-advocacy can propel you to the head of the table and the top of your game. This conversation seeks to answer the question: When it comes to forging your own path and being your own advocate, what would you tell your younger self?


Catherine Berger | Director, Media & Consumer Experience, Ferrara

Naomi Cao | Senior Strategist, DDB

Dannie Lynn Fountain | Senior SWE Sourcer, Google


Alexandra Musgrove | Sr. Strategic Planner, ENGINE Media Solutions

Session 2

Heroes and Champions

Drive and self-advocacy are essential, yet there are also times when the greatest inspiration and impetus to grow comes from someone else: an ally or external advocate who supports you in your journey. In this session, you will hear how some great leaders were propelled by a supporting champion standing next to or behind them. Whether you’re in the lead or supporting role – this duo will reveal how their mutual support made a leader of one and helped both thrive and grow to success. This conversation will help you understand how champions are recruited and relied on, and also answer the question “When it comes to finding a supporter or advocate you can learn from and grow with, what would you tell your younger self?”


Michelle McGuire Christian | Principal, Deloitte

Jocelyn Lee | Head of Digital Marketing, Deloitte Digital


Session 3

There is a “Me” in Team

There is no single path to leadership, or a sole formula for success. Getting to your goals requires a thoughtful mix of champions, self-advocacy, teamwork, and drive. Our final keynote speaker of the night will talk about her journey and share the personal advice she would love to give her younger self. Learn how she chose her allies, selected her paths, weighed her decisions, and picked her battles on her journey to right now.

Keynote Speaker:

Tiana Conley | Vice President Global Cereal, Kellogg Company