New York's Young Executive March Volunteer Event Recap - She Runs It
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New York’s Young Executive March Volunteer Event Recap

By AlysonCarney

Written by: Kydee Williams 

On Wednesday, March 27, She Runs It Young Executives (SRI YEs) volunteered with JASA Senior Services for an evening of gardening and planting with seniors. Led by indoor gardening instructor, Henrietta Stern, young executives were able to decorate planters and pot plants while engaging in amazing conversation with seniors. One of the highlights had to be when one of the seniors exclaimed “ I don’t have an Instagram name, I come from the generation where we only had one name…” The plants will ultimately be placed within the senior center to uplift spirits. The overall event was heartwarming. The SRI YE Volunteer Committee leaders look forward to partnering with JASA on future events.