Young Executive Pajama Program At ACS - She Runs It

Young Executive Pajama Program At ACS

By She Runs It

She Runs It Young Executive Volunteer Committee hosted a two-day volunteer initiative with the Pajama Program at the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). The pajama program was founded by Genevieve Piturro when she discovered that the children she read to at a local shelter did not have a caring adult to tuck them into bed each night, let alone a pair of warm, comforting pajamas to change into or a storybook to enjoy before the night descended. Instead, the children she saw there were often relegated to sleeping on a cot or futon, two or three together, still wearing their clothes of the day.

It was important to do the Pajama Program at ACS because these children were recently taken out of their homes; some arrived, as we were there. Some were placed into foster care while we were there. Some kids wanted to do our hair while others wanted us to take them home. It was a sad reality, but necessary to appreciate what we all have. We received the opportunity to engage with the children, through reading books, doing arts and crafts and playing old-school playground games like ring around the rosy and red light, green light. For 2-hours, we escaped with them, leaving their troubles behind and allowing them to have the best time of their lives.

As young executives, climbing up the corporate ladder, it is important to remember that success is nothing without giving back and paying it forward.

Volunteer Names:

Tuesday, July 24

Courtney McComas

Eileen Tublin

Stephanie Tran

Harper Yi

Kydee Williams

Wednesday, July 25

Jessie Resnick

Brittany Londa

Jenna Paglino

Jenna Diverniero