Chicago – September Member of the Month, Jordan Jackson, Associate Director, Decision Sciences at Starcom - She Runs It

Chicago – September Member of the Month, Jordan Jackson, Associate Director, Decision Sciences at Starcom

By She Runs It

Hometown? San Diego, CA

Current job title and company? Associate Director, Decision Sciences at Starcom

Describe your career journey.

An obstacle course of constant challenges and growth opportunities. The path hasn’t been easy or clear but I’ve always managed to find things to get passionate and excited about – and I shift my career in those directions. I started out as a project manager at a design and branding agency where we wanted to be able to expand our offerings into marketing analytics (such as using CRM systems, informing SEO strategies, etc.). I took it upon myself to learn these tools in order for us to provide those services, and then I realized it was truly my passion. I then made the bold decision to move from sunny San Diego, to Chicago (where weather isn’t nearly as predictable, and temperatures go much below my comfortable 70 degrees). I realized my passion grew beyond just understanding data, but rather how that data informs marketers about consumer behavior. I continue to fuel this passion around understanding people in my day-to-day and continuous research.

Which three words would you use to describe your personality? Disruptive, Innovative, Passionate

What committees/programs are you involved in with She Runs It?

Mentee in the Mentorship program, Young Executives Committee

How has participating on the young executive committee helped with your own personal and career development?

She Runs It allows for like-minded, driven individuals to talk about what’s next in our industry, experiences and challenges we’re facing, and is an easy way to simply meet new and interesting people! I’ve loved having conversations with not only peers on my own level, but having exposure to those within the C-Suite of major companies doing great work and sharing their stories.

Name a woman who inspires you and why.

I’m so fortunate to have a passionate and driven mother who served as my role model growing up. Being a woman in tech, she’s faced with challenges and obstacles that her drive, intelligence, and ability to inspire those on her team have allowed her to overcome throughout her career. She’s passionate about people and leadership and has always inspired me to go above and beyond.

What does the words “She Runs It” mean to you?

Kick-ass women that channel “She Runs It” doesn’t settle, doesn’t accept because “it’s the way it always has been” – she pushes forward, breaks down barriers, and is a strong voice among peers and superiors. She sets an example for the future, she hungers for more, and she runs the damn thing.