February Member of the Month - Pauline Gaynesbloom, Data Analytics Manager, Publicis Sapient AI Labs - She Runs It

February Member of the Month – Pauline Gaynesbloom, Data Analytics Manager, Publicis Sapient AI Labs

By She Runs It

Hometown//Current City
Columbus, OH
What made you join She Runs It?
My employer is part of their Corporate Alliance program, which is how I learned about She Runs It and the work they do.
What is the last event of She Runs It you attended?
I attended the Northeast Multicultural Bootcamp in New York. I bussed in from Columbus, Ohio (work-approved, not work-sponsored) to attend in person because my remote-work setup over the past couple of years had me feeling really disconnected from the world. I love to travel, I wanted to reignite my passion for my career in analytics and identify creative ways to make my work as a data analyst more inclusive. I think when you’re learning a language, the best way to really understand it is to immerse yourself in it, and I believe the same thing about learning a new client’s business or even meeting a new friend. You never truly understand them until you immerse yourself to see and feel a different lived experience. That’s why I so highly value events like the Multicultural Bootcamp– they bring people together from different walks of life to listen and understand new perspectives!
What is something you are currently working on professionally that excites you?
I’m currently managing a team for the first time in my career. I’m excited to bring my passion for helping others into my new role by enabling the analysts to reach their unique potentials!
What are you looking forward to, having joined She Runs It?
All the future opportunities to grow and learn from this network of bright people!!
Name a person who inspires you and why
One of my biggest career heroes has been Amanda Glassberg at Publicis Sapient. I worked under her when I was a junior analyst right out of college, at a time when our leadership was overwhelmingly white and male. She was always direct and unwavering in meetings, which I admired, being an introvert and naturally less inclined toward public speaking. She taught me the fundamentals of asking the right questions and listening for the real answer, and now she’s presenting at my dream conference! Amanda has been a role model for me in how I carry myself as woman-presenting in a still-male-dominated business world. She continues to inspire me by being unapologetically herself. She literally runs it!
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